RACP Annual Report 2022
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Goal 2 Education and Professional Development
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We will enable our physicians with the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed for the future.
The College’s mission is to support physicians and the health system by providing high- quality training and assessment programs to ensure our physicians are future ready.
We’re continuously evolving and finding new ways to adapt our education and professional development opportunities to a changing digital and real-world environment.
“This year we have really tried to listen to, consult with, and engage with trainees to improve their experience. We are committed to listening and engaging in focus groups and feedback forums about the trainee experience in what has been a challenging year for both trainees and Fellows in the exam and accreditation space.”
Di Robinson Acting Executive General Manager Education, Learning and Assessment
Professional Practice: looking towards the future Our work has been grounded in three key objectives: to provide educational resources for our members, to continue to support their lifelong learning and to prepare them to be physicians of the future.