RACP Annual Report 2022
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Goal One
Building a lifelong relationship
We have adapted to the lifestyle changes in the wake of COVID-19, as the impacts of the global pandemic are still felt at the institutional, interpersonal, and sometimes personal levels. We believe that collaboration and connection between the College and our members is the best way to move forward and continue building the programs we want to see and deliver the services our members need.
That’s why the co-creation of initiatives – with the insight of our members and the expertise of staff – has been instrumental in developing programs that meet the needs of our members in the most effective way possible. The outcomes of these initiatives drive the standard of service we are proud to deliver. The College has been built on strong foundations, but we know we need to make changes and build new, modern and more relevant ways of supporting our diverse membership throughout their careers. Change takes time and effort, and we are so grateful to the members who have been working with us over 2022 on the initiatives that will bring this change to life. Lisa Penlington, Executive General Manager, Member Engagement and Support RACP member overview
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