RACP Annual Report 2022
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Goal One
Congress 2022: A Climate for Change
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The College and its members operate in several ‘climates’ – in a post-pandemic climate, an increasingly digital and technologically advanced climate, and a changing environmental climate.
Our in-person Congress returned to Melbourne this year with the theme of ‘A Climate for Change’. This offered a much-needed face-to-face experience for our members after two years of mainly online events.
The reality of living in a post-COVID world means adapting to change. Congress 2022 did just that, pivoting the Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland Congress 2022 satellite day to a virtual-only event, amid concerns for member health and safety as the Omicron wave washed over Aotearoa New Zealand just as it was starting to subside in Australia.
COVID continued to dominate discussion, as did its impact on health workers. To keep participants up to date with this important topic, RACP Congress presented a series of informative sessions that explored the topic of COVID – from the disease itself to the societal impacts of the pandemic.
Participants also heard from experts across a range of issues, including social determinants of health, refugees, mental health, and the wellbeing of those most at risk. The program also explored how telehealth and digital communications have enabled specialists to engage safely with patients during the pandemic.
Member events in 2022 In addition to the annual Congress, the College delivered and supported:
  • Over 180 webinars
  • More than 25 Annual Scientific Meetings, Annual Training Meetings, or Trainee days
  • More than 200 College events and meetings held at the Sydney RACP meeting spaces.