RACP Annual Report 2022
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Goal One
Member health and wellbeing
Our approach to member health and wellbeing has been a more collaborative process this year, involving consultation with members, working groups and committees to get their perspectives on a support system built for purpose. We recognise the full spectrum of wellbeing, and we also understand that members’ experience of wellbeing is inextricably tied to their performance.

In 2022, the Member Health and Wellbeing Committee developed a new Health and Wellbeing Strategy which is due to be launched in 2023. It focuses on how members can regularly check and safeguard their own wellbeing, what support and active resources need to be available, and where the College can make a meaningful difference.
Diversity and inclusion in wellbeing Diversity and inclusion is another lens through which we examine member health and wellbeing. Addressing wellbeing for our members includes ensuring the places where they work, learn and collaborate are safe and inclusive. The Member Diversity Advisory Group (MDAG) is responsible for developing a plan to guide the College in advancing diversity, equity and inclusion across all College activities.
A survey was conducted in Q4 2022 to elicit members’ experience of the College through a diversity and inclusion lens. The aim of this survey was to help the Committee understand what the College could do to improve the experience of members who come from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds so that every member would feel included and welcome in their College.
Fostering a culturally safe and competent college
To create greater health equity, we must address the disparities across our health sectors in both nations and promote greater accessibility across the board.
Promoting physician pathways for Indigenous doctors The Aotearoa New Zealand team continued to collaborate closely with the Māori Health Committee to develop strategies that assist young Māori doctors manage their training and to promote the College as a career pathway. Mid-career Fellows are supported in their work as physicians, including in such areas as leadership skills and wealth creation and management.
The Queensland regional team, alongside the Policy and Advocacy team, supported this year’s Australian Indigenous Doctors Association (AIDA) Conference in October 2022 on the Gold Coast. Next year, in January 2023, the Western Australian regional office will support and present at the Paediatrics and Child Health Division (PCHD) Indigenous led Immersion week. This is a pilot program for final year Indigenous medical students to spend a full week at the local Children’s Hospital, gaining exposure to life as a doctor.
These initiatives give us an opportunity to contribute to the development of the Indigenous physician workforce, an important step towards a more culturally safe and inclusive healthcare system.
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The Aotearoa New Zealand team has increased the use of Māori language concepts and protocols in all parts of their work, including their interactions with members, committees, events, and even office materials.
The Aotearoa New Zealand team held a Māori language week to promote the use of Te Reo Māori, providing several seminars and guest speakers to participate in online activities over the course of five days.
The College also hosted the combined Māori Health Committee, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Committee, and the RACP Board meeting in Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand. The objective of that event was to discuss the inclusion of an Indigenous Object in our College Constitution. The Indigenous Object is expected to be put to the 2023 Annual General Meeting as a resolution to amend the Constitution.