RACP Annual Report 2022
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Goal two
Professional Practice: looking towards the future
Our work has been grounded in three key objectives: to provide educational resources for our members, to continue to support their lifelong learning and to prepare them to be physicians of the future. All our programs have an eye on the horizon and are personalised to suit the changing needs of members as they progress through their careers.
Through a variety of continuous learning engagement tools – online learning, curated collections, podcasts and programs – we encourage our members to embrace dynamic forms of learning. We are innovative by design and are passionate about supporting flexible learning through professional practice.
“Our team is focused on delivering online learning platforms that are dynamic, cutting-edge, and of the highest quality professional development materials. Our point of difference is the integration between our Continuing Professional Development program and our course development, which is invaluable to our members and their careers.”
Louise Rigby,
Executive General Manager,
Professional Practice
The Practice Analytics Program The RACP is part of the national Practice Analytics (PA) Program led by the Digital Health Cooperative Research Centres Program (CRC). The aim of the Program is to support reflective practice and behaviour change among health professionals through the use of electronic health records (EHRs) analysis. Along with the College, several other partners are involved in its development, including Monash University, Swinburne University and The University of Sydney.
The field of Practice Analytics in Healthcare (PAH) combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, clinical informatics, and big data and analytics into medical practice and medical education, and has the potential to assist Fellows in meeting the new regulatory requirements introduced by the Medical Board of Australia. One of the PA research projects within the Program is investigating the interrelationships among: 1) medical regulations, and in particular CPD requirements for medical practitioners; 2) the use of eHealth data analytics in health-care service organisations; 3) the CPD programs and activities offered by medical education providers.
The project, titled “Using eHealth data to strengthen CPD for Australasian medical practitioners”, has three focus areas:
  1. Understand how to use eHealth data analysis to support Fellows’ learning trajectory and CPD planning.
  2. Map the ecosystem to integrate the use of performance data into routine practice.
  3. Link the performance data and the use of eHealth data analytics to the professional development requirements outlined in the Medical Board of Australia’s Professional Performance Framework (PPF) and CPD registration standards.
The preliminary findings have supported us in designing and developing educational resources to raise awareness and educate the membership on relevant topics. The results of the project will support Fellows in ensuring compliance with the Category 3 (Measuring Outcomes) of their CPD requirements.
In 2022 we presented the Practice Analytics Program and disseminated the preliminary findings of the above-mentioned research project at international conferences and seminars, both in Europe and Canada. Presentations generated significant attention among the medical education community and initiatives to support the internationalisation of the project are underway.
The Practice Analytics field pushes the envelope to improve systems and organisations to support medical care of the future. We are proud to continue this pioneering and exciting work.
A milestone for the College: Achieving its Continuing Professional Development Home accreditation
In 2022, the College was accredited as being a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Home and launched its program to 18,000 Fellows under the tagline ‘ MyRACP MyCPD Home. You have never stopped learning, we’re here to make sure that continues.’ We recognise that professional development needs to be personal, adaptable and appropriate to each Fellow’s context and scope of practice. Therefore, the MyCPD program, is designed to be a self-reporting tool with a flexible framework, encouraging specialists to self-accredit and record CPD activity relevant to their scope of practice. We are thrilled to be able to offer this to our members and to be a pioneering CPD Home in our sector.
More than 9,850 members accessed more than
52 CPD events during 2022.