RACP Annual Report 2022
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Goal 5 Advocacy and Influence
We advocate for healthier communities.
We will strengthen and measure the impact of our advocacy for the health of our communities.
Our College has fired up its advocacy and campaigning capacity in 2022, influencing positive health reform at all levels of Government, proving our members have a respected and powerful voice both in the newspapers and inside the walls of parliament.
Nicola Lewis,
Executive General Manager,
Policy and Advocacy
We are focusing on one key aspect of advocacy in this report. However, the College works closely with many members to develop and implement policy and position statements and deliver submissions and guidance to government and other organisations.
Kids COVID Catch Up Campaign In February 2022, the College launched a flagship campaign to help children and young people to catch up from the various setbacks of the COVID-19 pandemic, based on several policy positions already established by the Paediatrics and Child Health Division.
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Launching the healthy climate future campaign
Building strong relationships
The RACP has positioned itself as a trusted advisor to Federal and State/Territory Governments as it progresses its wide spanning health reform agenda.
Raise the Age Raising the minimum age of criminal responsibility provides an opportunity to address the crisis levels of over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people in the justice system and advocate to reduce the harm to all young people incarcerated.
Advocating for First Nations health The Board’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Committee (ATSIHC) has, in partnership with the Māori Health Committee (MHC), continued to guide the implementation of the College’s Indigenous Strategic Framework (ISF).
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