RACP Annual Report 2022
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Goal Five
Building strong relationships with governments and decision makers
RACP President Dr Jacqueline Small and the Hon Mark Butler MP, Minister for Health and Aged Care.
The RACP has positioned itself as a trusted advisor to Federal and State/Territory Governments as it progresses its wide spanning health reform agenda.
The College’s campaigns and media presence is just one tool of advocacy that we use to influence decision makers and achieve important policy reform. We also invest in working relationships with key government departments, ministerial offices and important stakeholders.
Case study: Redesigning healthcare The College delivered three major submissions to the Federal Government in 2022. Two pre-budget submissions in January and September 2022 and the pre-election statement in March 2022. All three submissions served to advocate for integrated and innovative care, as well as a broad range of other issues including improving preventative health and addressing workforce shortages.
The key message underpinning this work is that integrated care and health reform can and should serve as a means towards achieving an equitable, effective and efficient health system for Australians.
The RACP has just established a new Health Reform Working Group to provide thought leadership and drive the RACP’s agenda for integrated and virtual care, innovative payment models and broader health reform policy and advocacy.
Case study: Bolstering telehealth The RACP has played a lead role in advocating for the importance of telehealth in our healthcare system including multiple media statements and meetings with the Government, including the Health Minister, the Department of Health and Aged Care and Members of Parliament.
The RACP has made two submissions on telehealth arrangements to the Medical Board of Australia’s Draft revised Guidelines for Telehealth consultations with patients and the Australian National Audit Office to inform its Audit of Expansion of Telehealth Services.
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