RACP Annual Report 2022
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Goal four
The RACP Foundation plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between clinical practice and medical research. As the philanthropic arm of the College, it inspires the next generation of medical researchers by offering them the opportunity to pursue a lifetime career in research to improve innovation and delivery of healthcare practices, both today and tomorrow. In 2022 the RACP Foundation awarded a record $2.9 million in research grants and prizes. This included 44 research awards with a total value of $2.7 million and an additional $189,000 for Educational (Study) grants and Indigenous Health Scholarships. A further $110,000 was allocated to awards acknowledging the meritorious achievements and excellence of our Fellows and trainees. Across the past 10 years, the RACP Foundation has committed more than $25 million in research awards, prizes and other funding grants – a commitment to our members that we are incredibly proud of, and indebted to, the steadfast generosity of our many supporters.   The table below details the allocation of funds by category.
Number of Recipients by Award Category
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Foundation Income The Foundation appreciates the contributions made by the Fellows and trainees of the College, our partner organisations, donors and benefactors, whose generosity has made it possible to award over $11M in the past five years to support both medical research and research careers. In 2022 1,781 Fellows donated a total of $169,888.
46 trainees donated a total of $3,470.
External donors provided a total of $187,297. $ 1,410,112.63 income from bequests.
External donations totalled $255,000. Total donated $436,000. All dollar amounts are AUD, with the NZ component being converted to AUD at the 2022 average P&L rate (Income figures supplied by the Finance Department). The external donor figures include funding that the Foundation physically received in cash during the 2022 financial year for co-funded awards such as Maple-Brown.