RACP Annual Report 2022
© 2023 The Royal Australasian College of Physicians
Goal Three
improving our understanding of the physician workforce
We will improve our understanding of the physician workforce to provide relevant information on careers to members and contribute authoritatively to national workforce policy.
We are adapting to a post-pandemic situation , which has had a deep impact on the College and the physician workforce.
The healthcare system is changing. We are working to ensure we understand the future, as well as supporting and assisting the current workforce.
In 2022, we collaborated with Government and key health sector stakeholders through the Medical Workforce Reform Advisory Committee. A focus of these conversations was workforce shortages and the impact on equitable healthcare for our communities. In the face of these challenges, we acknowledge that the demands of balancing professional and personal life are growing.
This is why we are consulting with members and trainees about more flexible workplace practices as part of our Member Health and Wellbeing Strategy. Wellbeing and supporting autonomy are central to our workplace policy. We want to ensure that everyone has a seat at the table, as we continue to investigate new ways of strengthening our workforce and delivering high-quality care.
“Physician workforce planning is complex. To achieve meaningful change, we must make sure everybody feels their voice is heard and credibly so. We’re working to evolve our approach to workforce data collection and member engagement, to always have the wellbeing of our physicians front-of-mind in everything we do.”
Dr Kudzai Kanhutu,
Dean of the College