RACP Annual Report 2022
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Goal Six
Embracing ChANGE
We embraced the change in workplaces practices that emerged from COVID. Working from home was once awkward to arrange and difficult to support with our technology, but in 2022 it is now part of the way many organisations work. Flexibility is important, but we also need inviting face-to-face and physical workspaces.
This understanding is what drove our thinking in designing our new office spaces in Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington, Sydney and Melbourne. As a commitment to creating the most collaborative and attractive shared workspaces, we also made the design process collaborative, and invited a diverse group of people to be a part of the co-creation of the design.
Our natural inclination is to make decisions that will provide the best outcomes for the College and for our members. By that measure, we bring a customer-centric approach to everything we do and each decision we make.
We as a team understand that we are the stewards of the resources of the College. Our job is to make the best decision and get the best result for the College and our members by doing things as efficiently as possible.
John McConville Executive General Manager,
Finance and Shared Services