RACP Annual Report 2022
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Goal One
Advancing Gender Equity in medicine
The Gender Equity in Medicine Working Group (GEMWG), established in 2020, worked diligently over the course of 2021 to formulate evidence-based initiatives to advance gender equity in medicine for our members. In 2022, the College held a virtual launch of the resulting GEMWG Report, giving voice to members’ experiences and setting out the report’s six recommendations.
The newly formed Gender Equity in Medicine Committee will transform these recommendations into an action plan:
  1. Gender equity in medicine as a College strategic priority.
  2. Improve gender representation and equity on College bodies and College leadership.
  3. Advocate for gender equity in medicine.
  4. Support gender equity in medicine through College policies.
  5. Support gender equity in medicine activity through partnership in the Advancing Women in Healthcare Leadership Program.
  6. Establish a gender equity in medicine College body to oversee the implementation of the GEMWG’s recommendations and drive member engagement on this issue.
This year, we had more female trainees beginning our program than their male counterparts. In a few years’ time, we will be seeing more female Fellows than male Fellows graduating from the ranks, signalling a shift towards increasing female representation in the medical field.
Women represent 57.9% of trainees this year.
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