Issue 3 • 2021

A message from the Board

Since the last edition of RACP Quarterly your Board met on 18 June 2021.
Read the highlights of key issues discussed at this RACP Board meeting.
New College Strategic Plan underway Directors were advised that a one-page model had been drafted to determine a three or five-year strategic plan. Various parts of the College as well as feedback from members, will inform the planning process, along with a joint Council and Board planning day in September. We expect to see a draft strategy in November and final plan for approval in December 2021.
We note the importance of engaging with the membership, Board, Board committees and other peak bodies in this process.
Updates to College Policy, By-Laws and Terms of Reference The Board resolved to approve the appointment of Dr Stephen Inns to the position of Aotearoa New Zealand President-Elect on the Aotearoa New Zealand Committee to May 2022.
Our Conflict of Interest (COI) policy has been further updated and endorsed. It covers the Board and all College bodies and has been expanded to cover circular resolutions and to embed Section 195 of the Corporations Act, as requested.
The Board approved the Member Diversity Advisory Group Terms of Reference and the Information Technology and Cyber Security Committee By-Law.
Biennial Performance Reviews for Board Committees We have approved implementing biennial performance reviews for Board Committees. Tranche 1 limits performance reviews to the minimum number of committees that will be required to report to the Board irrespective of the Constitution and Committee review projects.
Tranche 2 rolls out the performance review to the rest of the committees reporting to the Board once the review projects are completed.
Divisional Clinical Exams (DCE) The Chief Executive Officer reports that the DCE for 2020 have concluded and the 2021 DCE are progressing.
College success with social media for social justice The advocacy calling for release of the Biloela Family from immigration detention resulted in huge engagement across social media and an outstanding result for the College.
Computer-based Testing (CBT) a success for the Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine (AFRM)
The AFRM Module 1 Assessment was successfully delivered and the project remains on track to deliver the Divisional Written Examination via CBT on 26 October.
The College is moving to a transition to also hold the exam on the CBT platform next year, which will be determined following the outcome of the October 2021 exams.
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